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  • If your child has a problem going to sleep at night or staying asleep, the Hush Kids will offer a sense of security by simulating the feeling of a constant loving hug.
  • Sleep is the most important part of our children’s day.
  • With the Hush your child will sleep throughout the night and manage anxiety better, giving you a better sleep too. Plus, it’s super comfy and won’t make them hot.
  • Perfect for playtime, sleepovers, car/plane rides, or just snuggling up on the couch with you. Reclaim their important sleep today!

Fun Facts:


  • Our 7 lbs kids blanket is 50×60 inches and designed specifically for children between 40-90 pounds in mind.
  • The Kids Classic blanket is a child-friendly cover that comes in two designs. The cover is made from easy to wash breathable soft cotton.
  • Choose “Iced Kids” to receive our Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo cooling cover to regulate your child’s temperature.
  • The covers are all easy to remove by zipper to throw in the wash.
  • The inner weighted blanket is made of a super comfortable microfibre material, which means your child can sleep directly under it too.
  • Great for children experiencing stress, growth pains, and trouble falling asleep.
Give Your Kid The Sleep They Deserve. Order One Today Under Our 100 Night Guarantee!




The Importance Of Sleep For Children

Sleep is amazingly significant for kids, as it serves as a building block for their physical and mental health alike. However, many parents find it extremely difficult to help their children sleep well. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 25 to 50 percent of kids experience sleep problems.

In order to make it as easy for your little one to fall asleep as possible, you should take care of a few aspects such as sleep hygiene and age-adjusted routines. What’s more, it is crucial to provide a kid with a proper place to sleep. Our weighted blanket for children makes it possible to create a cozy, relaxing space, where your little one can peacefully float to the world of dreams.

Read on to find out some of the reasons why is it so important!

Sleep Makes It Easier for Kids to Grow

When children sleep comfortably under their blankets, they actually work hard on their growth! Namely, at that time, the pituitary gland, located deep inside their brains releases the growth hormone. When there are shortages in it, kids may grow more slowly.

What’s more, when there is really little of this hormone, a child may develop facial features making them look younger than their peers. Obviously, if your kid experiences just a few nights of poor-quality sleep, they will not be affected much but chronic difficulties with sleeping well may have a noticeable impact.

Sleep Deficiencies May Result in Obesity

Studies indicate that there is a connection between sleeping deficiencies and obesity in kids. Researches have found that there seems to be a “critical window prior to age 5” when it is crucial to get enough quality sleep for a child. It may be because ghrelin and leptin, the hormones involved in controlling appetite cannot be properly released when the human body does not get enough sleep.

It is also likely that those children who are tired are not willing to involve in any significant physical activity. They do not feel well, so they are more likely to try to make their mood better by getting some high-calorie treat than doing sports.

Sleep Boots Immunity

Research shows that there is a strong connection between sleep and immunity – not only in adults but in children alike. It is because while sleeping, the human body produces cytokines, the proteins used to fight illnesses, infection, and stress. In case of their shortages, the immune system may be weakened and a child may be more prone to viruses.

Interestingly, many hospitals in Canada and worldwide are now adapting their policies to help patients get better sleep and heal faster. They provide comfortable sheets and blankets, institute quiet evening hours, and limit nighttime interruptions unless they are really urgent.


High-Quality Kids’ Blankets For Better Sleep

We offer high-quality kids’ blankets that will help your little one sleep better and, as a result, protect their health better and support their growth. As they are weighted blankets, they provide an incredible level of comfort and make the child feel as if they were gently hugged. It helps them calm down, relax, and fall asleep.

We ship our kids’ blankets all across Canada, so just pick the design your little one likes best and place an order.

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