Who Are We?

At Nest Essentials we believe, bedding is directly related to sleep and health which is not worth compromising, so, here bringing you the best of natural and breathable bedding like Cotton, Linen and Bamboo.

Also, doing Canadian made mattresses and solid wood beds; We are currently working with 15+ Canadian brands, manufacturers and small local businesses to bring the community, high quality bedding, beds and mattresses for their homes.


Isha Sabharwal

Co-founder and CEO

My travels & background in bedding industy have inspired the choices to create harmonious collections at Nest Essentials.

Before starting the company, I was a design & fashion enthusiast and a super consumer of home goods who couldn’t find any brand that was good quality, stylish and affordable at the same time. As someone who has working experience in fabric, manufacturing, advertising and brand development, I realized there was a big gap in the bedding and decor market that we can work towards and saw a huge business opportunity, so, came Nest Essentials.

Working to support more and more local made beds and bedding products; Supporting other Canadian bedding brands like Hush, Northern Feathers Canada, LaVigne and many small local businesses and artists in Canada.



Co-founder and CEO

He’s the helpful, charming & very energetic guy you’ll see at our store quite a few times. Ladies love him for his fine taste & advice! But please don’t ask him about wash care; he ain’t doing no laundry.

Inder has been working at the backend and tackling all the hard jobs very efficiently!

Inder is a great photographer but very coy.


It is about the little details

We have taken special care to bring efficient design and technique which makes life easier and better.

All the products are OEKO-TEX® Certified which means they were safely produced without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetics.


Hassle-free maintenance

 Most of our products are machine washable and can be safely put in the dryer as well for easy maintenance