Find Your Perfect Sheets

Linen is known for its lightness, high degree of absorption and great durability. It is very wrinkly. That’s part of its charm! And will become softer over time. 

Recommended for…

Year-round use. It’s perfect for all types of sleepers and in all temperatures since linen is naturally breathable and adapts to changes in body heat.

Cotton sateen is exceptionally soft and smooth, with a relaxed hand and elegant drape. This weave uses a one yarn under, three or four yarns over pattern. Sateen’s weave makes the fabric naturally wrinkle-resistant, while the drape smooth and breathable. 

Our 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen feels rich with a buttery softness that resists wrinkling whereas 500 Thread Count provides a more premium and denser hand-feel.

300 Thread Count Recommended For…

Hot sleepers to stay comfortable year-round, or for those who prefer a slightly smoother hand-feel.

500 Thread Count Recommended For…

Cooler sleepers to stay comfortable year-round, or for those who prefer a slightly denser hand-feel

Bamboo shares several characteristics with cotton. Made of natural fibres, it is soft and breathable. Bamboo bed sheets are naturally anti-bacterial (as well as heat and sweat-wicking) which means a cleaner, longer-lasting bed sheet set!

No pilling and every wash only makes it soft as butter without losing the unique cooling effect.

Recommended for…

  • Hot sleepers suffering from night sweats
  • Sensitive skin and breakouts
  • Reducing hair frizz and preventing bed-head